Besides iPhones, used Samsung’s handphones are also trending in Singapore. Big names in the smartphone industry are constantly churning out newer versions to lure in customers. But our salaries don’t increase as quickly as the inflation rate of these latest phones. That’s why many people are opting to buy a used Samsung phone instead of brand new. This alternative lets you enjoy the best of both worlds in terms of trend and price.

Essential tips to buy a secondhand Samsung mobile:


samsung smartphone
Samsung S9 phone


Decide- where to buy: Customers can buy a used Samsung handphone from innumerable platforms in Singapore. They can choose to buy from the Facebook marketplace, neighborhood smartphone shop, Laptop Factory Outlet, or even from relatives and friends (risk alert). It will be better to buy a device from a platform that offers the most competitive price, is active, and has the most listings available as compared to others.

Know- when to buy: The trick is to buy a secondhand phone just after they launch a new phone. It will be easier for you to find a used phone as many people discard their used handphones during this time to buy the latest model. The other thing to look out for is the warranty. It is important to check whether the device you wish to buy is still under warranty or not. For instance, Samsung offers a warranty period of one year. Certified resellers also provide warranty on used phone purchases that are good enough to provide customers with peace of mind.

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Compare the prices: You can take your time by browsing through the different platforms mentioned above and get an idea about the average selling price for the model you wish to buy. Many websites offer a separate price list for used phones too. Not only that, but some retailers also offer freebies or provide an extended warranty with the handphones.

Know your seller: It is very important to know your seller before plunging into the purchase. You can enquire about the seller’s past transactions, reviews, store layout, mannerisms, etc. When buying from certified resellers rest assured about the authenticity of handphones and the non-defective status of the device. But you can always request for a meet-up from making the final purchase so that you can inspect the device yourself. If you have any suspicions about the seller, find another one. There are plenty of options in Singapore to buy a decent second-hand phone.

Check the device: The thumb rule is to always inspect the used phone before you pay. You can create a checklist of questions that seem important to you. You can begin by checking the physical condition of the phone, screen, body, headphone jack. You should have a fair idea about the dents and chips, battery backup, or any other major/minor faults with the device. Besides this, you can also plug in the sim and give it a trial run, check Wi-Fi connectivity, and test the physical buttons if any.

Weigh your options carefully before making the purchase. Be sure about the seller and make a diligent check on the phone before you pay up. Or you can choose Laptop Factory Outlet, we offer a 30-days warranty and are willing to resolve if any issue arises.

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