6 refurbished laptops to work from either Home or Office

Since the times we can trace the development of laptops all we can remember is the portability, which is actually the biggest feature and definitely the reason that we love them so much. But as the technology has advanced so have our expectations from these laptops. Now even the definition of portability has seen a sea change and it has evolved over the time and has started covering many different aspects of our life. So here we have tried to compile a list of 6 best refurbished laptops for working from home and office in Singapore so that if you are planning to buy a new laptop you can definitely take some ideas from here too.

Dell XPS 15:

The first to have its place in our list, the CPU of this laptop is 10th Intel Core Generation which you can get in two variations of i5 and i7 when we look at the Graphics specification of this laptop we find that it has intel UHD Graphics – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti. The storage also comes in a wide range of variations like you can get as low as 256 GB to as high as 2TB. The best points of this laptop are that it has a stunning display, very powerful speaker and very comfortable keyboard. Though if you are in the field that demands high quality graphics then this laptop may not be your choice, because the graphics specifications of this laptop are somewhat weak.

Dell XPS 15
” Dell XPS 15 “

MacBook Pro 16”:

We do not need to tell you that already the MacBook’s are in the category of being expensive and with this laptop if you ask about any negative points it is the same that it is expensive. Apart from any fact any Apple product has to find its place in the list of 6 best refurbished laptops for working from home and office in Singapore. The laptop has a beautiful and dynamic screen and undoubtedly this is the best MacBook in recent years, overall the laptop is very powerful in all respects and will prove to be your best buy.

MacBook Pro 16”
” MacBook Pro 16” “

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon:

As we discussed above that the definition of Portability has seen a sea change that is guided by our needs and wants. This laptop actually fits into the definition of portability in every respect. Be it the application, the body, the overall design, it is very easy to carry anywhere and is definitely capable of giving you a better working environment at any place, more importantly the Microsoft Precision touchpad has seen a major change and it has improved dramatically. Surely the pay heed to their user’s issues. The only thing that would bother you is that this laptop too is quite expensive in the Windows category. But if you can afford it, it will be a good buy.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon
” Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon “

Huawei Mate Book X Pro:

having talked about all the laptops above theory undoubtedly one of our best picks but if you have paid attention you must have noticed that none of the above laptop’s strong point was their battery but this laptop has a very strong battery life, and yes we cannot just ignore the looks and design of this laptop which are equally stunning. But as we are here to present a balanced list of 6 best refurbished laptops for working from home and office in Singapore then we must tell you that the webcam of this laptop is not very good and yes you do not even get any card slot in this laptop.

Huawei Mate Book X Pro
” Huawei Mate Book X Pro “

Dell XPS 13:

Another expensive laptop that has made our list which is again a very good laptop in terms of the looks. The battery life of this laptop is far better than its predecessors, the webcam which is centered just adds to the beauty as well as quality of this laptop. Though, we do not see any significant changes and all this does not justify the cost of this laptop.

Dell XPS 13
” Dell XPS 13 “

MacBook Pro:

This MacBook is great but we must mention that there are not many advancements in terms of features like the processor at entry level is still 8th Generation Intel core which is far behind with today’s technology.

MacBook Pro
” MacBook Pro “


We hope that this list of 6 best refurbished laptops for working from home and office in Singapore was enough to guide you to some extent.


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