All You Need To Know About Disney Plus Launches in Singapore

It is good news for all the Disney lovers because the news of Disney Plus Launch in Singapore is out now! It was on 11th of December, that Disney is going to start it’s streaming services as Disney+ from 23rd of February, 2021. This means the viewer will have hassle free access to over 500 movies and about 15000 episodes of Disney’s vast content library. The services will be available at $11.98 per month and if you do not want to pay monthly then you can pay about $119.98 annually. The Disney+ will give you access to the vast content library of brands like Disney, Pixar, Marvel Studios, Star Wars, National Geographic are some of the best mentions. There is no doubt that Disney plus launch in Singapore is going to be something really big. The above subscription will also include the subscription of Star which is an internationally acclaimed answer of Disney to Hulu.


Disney Steps Further

Before Singapore Disney+ has already established it’s footprint in the vast market of the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, France, Austria, Australia, and now Disney is ready to make its heat felt in Singapore. 

Earlier streaming services that are available in Singapore are Amazon prime video, Viu free and premium, HOOQ, MeWATCH and HBO go and now with Disney plus launch in Singapore, viewers are sure to get a visual treat and an increased access to the OTT platforms.



Disney is no more about cartoons and fairy tales

Disney is no more about cartoons and fairy tales; it is much more and much wider than what it earlier was. Whether in terms of children related contents or the adult related content Disney Plus Launch in Singapore will prove to be a great option for the viewers, obviously those who are fan of fairy tales and cartoons. Disney has a lot for them like Cinderella animated as well as movies like Beauty and the Beast, Frozen and Frozen 2 and all the old memories in the form of cartoons as well as movies. Along with these Disney plus launches in Singapore means that the viewers will have access to movies like that pool Logan and TV series like “How I met your Mother”, “Family guy”, “Atlanta” etc.

Let’s get into the nerves of what will you get if you choose a Disney plus subscription.


  • Disney Original Movies: Original Disney movies like The Lion King Aladdin and recently released Lady and the Tramp with their live in action remake Big hero 6 will be just a click away.


  • Disney Pixar: With Disney plus subscription you will also get access to movies like the Incredibles 2, Finding Dory, Toy Story franchise and what not in fact, it is everything.


  • Marvel studios: Wish to be with your superheroes all time well, Disney plus subscription makes that possible too, you can spend all your time with your favorite superheroes watching Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, Black Panther and even the new TV series Wanda Vision which is all set to make its debut on on 15th January 2021.


  • Star wars: It would not be wrong if we say that Star wars is one franchise which has its fan following among the generations so Disney plus subscription gives you yet another chance to be happy you will get to watch their hit TV series the Mandalorian.


  • Star: As we have mentioned above TV series like Logan how I met your mother Atlanta will also be available in the Disney plus subscription.


  • National Geographic: if you’re a fan of the documentaries or want to explore the animal or the human Kingdom across the globe then Disney plus subscription will give you that too with all the documentaries of National geographic available on this platform.

Some other things worth noting about the Disney plus launch in Singapore is that parents can control what their children see and what should be refrained from their viewing on Disney plus platform. They can always apply the parental controls and decide what and what not their children should see. Have you been a fan of “High School Musical”? Well even then we give you another reason to rejoice because this is available if you subscribe to Disney plus programs like “The Simpsons” is also available in your subscription of Disney plus then you can always visit their official website and get all the details that you wish to know about Disney Plus Launch in Singapore.

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