Best and Reasonably Priced Tablets in Singapore

Gadgets make up a part of the daily routine nowadays. We find a solution to any of our problems online. Stuck somewhere? Attend the meeting online, you can do your work online, attend classes, listen to music, watch movies, book tickets, order food or anything and everything. For all these things you need a perfect gadget, like a phone or if you wish to be more productive maybe a tablet, which is anyway a good option. So cheap tablets Singapore blog is here with a list of fairly priced and good quality tablets:

Apple iPad Pro 10.5
Apple iPad Pro 10.5 Cellular


  1. Apple iPad Pro: When it’s Apple, the name is enough, but Apple itself does not stop here, they have made this tablet filled with features and it is also interactive. Its screen is 11-inch which gives you amazing and vivid viewing experiences and also lets you navigate across the screen very easily. It has a powerful processor that handles multitasking like a pro. So you chat, do your task, listen to music all at once with ease. This tablet comes with a keyboard that lets you do the documentation, editing part without any hassle. Its battery is the actual winner with 7812 mAh, this tablet is undoubtedly every customer’s favorite. 
  2. iPad Mini 4: Next on the list is also an Apple tablet, if you love gaming, then you should opt for this one. Its outstanding retina display will give you the much needed visual and graphical treat which is a prerequisite for a gaming device. As its tablet, so you can live your passion on the go. Although it is a tablet it does support high-end and immersive gaming too, this is possible because of the remarkable A12 Bionic Chip with Neural Engine. With all this, you can also do sketching, make little notes with the help of an Apple pencil. This tablet like the First tablet on our list has a long- battery life of 5124 mAh. No wonder it is one of the most favorite tablets in our list of cheap tablets in Singapore.

    Samsung Tab S3 Mint
    Samsung Tab S3 Mint
  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: Are you an artist at heart, then give your talent a technical twist with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. its biggest feature is its non-rechargeable pen, which is made in such a way that it will give a natural feel of holding a pen or a pencil. You can draw, sketch, color, or even compose a musical note. It provides 6000 mAh of battery and comes with a keyboard. Though some customers won’t take it as an alternative to a laptop, we can’t deny that it is feature-filled and hence, makes a place on our blog – cheap tablets Singapore.

    Surface Pro 7 stands
    Surface Pro 7 stands- Microsoft SG
  4. Microsoft Surface Pro7: If we pay attention to the experience of the professionals with this particular tablet, they say it is by far the best alternative for a laptop. No wonder, we placed it on our list. First of all, it is an ultra-thin and hence, light tablet which is extremely easy to carry. Customers have loved its super-fast performance. This is a Microsoft tablet so you will get all the Microsoft apps on the tablet also. If we talk of its battery life it is around 10.5 hours. One thing that anyone using this tablet is sure to like that it comes with a built-in stand to better place your device and operate it without any issues. 
  5. Huawei MediaPad T2: Tablets should not have the image of being used by only the professionals, they should be equally useful for the students too. Huawei MediaPad T2 has paid attention to the requirements of the students and made a tablet that is suitable for them. The biggest concern for a regular student is that the tablet should be reasonably priced, and this tablet is student-friendly in that aspect too. The battery life that it provides is also such that it can last for a whole day, which means a student can use it after and during every lecture without thinking of charging it. It is portable too and easily fits into the bag. You can do your homework, make projects, prepare lectures, read books, all whatever is required by a student. This will definitely prove to be a worthy pick. 

    Amazon Fire Tab 8
    Amazon Fire HD 8- Amazon
  6. Amazon Fire HD 8: Another tablet that is fit for the use of kids. The parents have complete control over the settings of this tablet. You can customize what your kid must watch, set time limits. It has an easy to use interface, so kids will learn quickly and operate it like a pro.


Here, we have tried to provide the best Cheap Tablets Singapore which includes something for everyone and for every age group.