Can smartphones ever be “sustainable”?

You must have also heard about the lines that’s a that smart phones have made its users dumb. We are not really sure about whether smartphones have made us dumb or not but we are certainly sure about one thing that they have waste concerns for the environment. You read it correctly. Excessive use of smartphones which includes the whole cycle right from the time when it is purchased till the time we feel that it has become finally useless for us. This whole changing scenario of reckless buying and unthoughtful disowning of the smartphones has actually posed a threat to the environment now experts have actually started asking the question How eco friendly (or not) are Smartphones? In this blog we will ponder on this thought and try to find out some reasonable answers.

waste management
The solution lies in the common term that we might hear on a daily basis but don’t pay much attention to- E-waste. E-waste encompasses all the electrical and electronic waste, ranging from our laptops, phones, TV sets to CD’s, etc. While these items can easily meet a much more sustainable fate (refurbishing, repairing or recycling them) instead they are usually discarded. According to recent UN reports, the world produces as much as 50 million tons of e-waste in a year and only 20% of this is formally recycled. And another report by PACE states that with the continuation of current trend the figures might reach to 120 million tons per year by 2050. Is the end of world near?

At one side we do have a number of reasons because you which we can prove that how the use of the smartphones has made our lives very easy whether it is about communicating with each other for staying in touch with the help of social media platforms or the wide variety of applications which monster and help us out in almost everything bi it’s setting up of a business learning new things doing school work monitoring and health online shopping and what not. Similarly on other hand we are also exposed to a number of problems with the excessive use and dependence on these smartphones whether it is a deterioration of health in terms of straining arise damaging of the hearing capacity being socially disconnected from the physical world or are getting exposed to the radiations of these phones and last but not the least when we dispose them off the harm does not end there in fact in that situation the worsening goes to another level.

What can be done?

The first thing which can be done is that we wash out the devices that we discard the best and the most sustainable way of parting your ways with an older electronic that it is that either give give a device in a trade in transaction or you get it refurbished both ways you will first fall save a lot of your money and on the other hand you will do a lot of good to environment.

Another thing which can be done is that if you want to buy a new device then instead of buying a brand new gadget you can buy either refurbished device or purchase it from a trade in transaction in this way also you are going to save a lot of your money. 

The biggest advantage of buying refurbished gadget is that sometimes they function better even better than the new ones the reason being that this refurbished devices are updated in accordance with the newest technology available in the market and when the whole thing is set up at one place the whole device becomes a customized one which will function in accordance to the need of the user.

Where to get them?

Buying a refurbished device is not at all like finding a needle in a pile of hay it is rather simple. There are two ways in which you can buy refurbished devices.

  • The first thing you can do is that you can buy refurbished captures from the renowned electronics brands like Apple Samsung. These brands not only deal in brand new devices but they also have a wide variety of refurbished devices. These refurbished devices will be available at a lower price than the brand new ones.
  • Talking of the other option you can also buy refurbished devices from authorized neutral shops like the PC Dreams Group

When we talk about the difference between the prices of refurbished devices at third party organizations like PC Dreams Group and the ones given by manufacturers then there is a significant difference there. Therefore choosing the best option as an answer to How eco friendly (or not) are Smartphones is our reader’s call.

Towards the end of this blog all we want to say is that when we try to give the answers to the questions like How eco friendly (or not) are Smartphones? The answers are pretty simple. If we do our actions in a responsible manner then there are high chances that we may achieve the goal of a sustainable future.

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