Challenges for Intel after Apple’s M1

In the recent buzz, we found out that Intel who has been the ruler for the processor industry now gets to compete with the all-new Apple M1 chip. All the new MacBook Airs, Macbook Pros, and Macbook Mini will be coming loaded with Apple’s custom-built M1 processor. This is something that Intel should definitely be bothered about. This will be followed by the company ejecting Intel Processors from its personal computers. 


Apple's M1 CPU
Apple’s M1 CPU- PC Mag


If you have one drink that a company like Intel has been threatened by Apple’s move then you will be surprised that the company is not doomed at all. There are a number of reasons for it which is why the company feels immune to Apple’s threat. One of the key reasons behind the chilled out attitude of Intel is that other companies will not have an easy pass out as Apple did from the Intel processors. Intel still has an upper hand when it comes to manufacturing hi and processes which are even better than the M1 chip. Well, if the situation isn’t going to be tough for Intel then it is not going to be easy as well, after losing a customer like Apple, the company will have to spend its way through to better the situations in the market.


If you’re wondering whether the Apple M1 chip is better than the Intel processors?


According to Apple’s acclamation, M1 chips perform much faster than Intel processors in Macbooks which is why it has replaced Intel processors with the Apple M1 chip


13 inch Macbook M1 vs Intel
13-inch Macbook M1 vs Intel- Screenrant


In the recent updates we found out that with the coming of the M1 chip, the company is giving some of its Mac apps a makeover in order to adjust well to the new technology. Apple users can expect an update for apps like Final Cut Pro, Motion, Compressor, Logic Pro, and many more coming this week. 

According to a survey carried out by IDC, the Macs estimate around 8.5% of the PC market which is why losing Apple as a business will definitely sting. Apple is one of the biggest and most influential Tech companies and many of its products have been responsible for setting trends in the PC business like it’s MacBook Air debuted the idea of slim but useful laptops which created a buzz around. Another much-loved product which was MacBook Pro is still loved among the programmers and has managed to sell machines even more than most of the Windows PCs. 


Qualcomm in Danger?

Qualcomm Chip
Qualcomm Android Chip


When inquired about the event from Intel, the officials casually replied that they relentlessly focus upon building leading chips and welcome competition with wholeheartedness as that would help them to improve as well. This bold step taken by the company Apple can also embolden the already existing rival of Intel, Qualcomm which sells mobile-based processors for PCs. This can sow the seeds to weaken the market of Qualcomm in the business of leading processors where it is already in competition with a strong tech influencer like Intel. Qualcomm is a leading designer when it comes to designing chips for Android phone makers. It has also been working on rolling out more powerful versions of the Snapdragon for PCs too And many Windows PC makers offer laptops using these processors.

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AMD threat for Intel

Intel Chip
Intel Chip- Kit Guru












When we talked to some experts we found out that AMD is one of the biggest threats in the coming future, though Intel is a dominant manufacturer of the chips business for the x86 family.  AMD has been doing well in the business of High-end desktop computers which are specifically designed for Gamers. It has also entered the server market. It works in association with Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing Corporation for the purpose of manufacturing. It basically utilizes the miniaturization of the company in order to cram more circuitry onto new chips. On the other hand, Intel struggles to manufacture its own chips. The Rocket Lake chip Which will be brought to the market in the coming year for desktop computers is still to be built with the 14nm process.

Apple has been steadily increasing the chip performance of the A-series for years. But the truth is the company isn’t ready to use the Apple M1 chip in its brawnier systems. It will be interesting to witness when will Apple be able to completely detach itself from Intel.

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