Checking the E-Waste Disposal Practices!

If you try to define pollution then it would be contamination of the air and water quality because of excessive industrialization and unchecked discharge of pollutants in the water bodies and atmosphere. Another attribute that can be associated with pollution is the deforestation and increasing of concrete jungles and of course the ever-increasing dependence on fossil fuels. But this is not all, only these factors contributing to polluting the environment is not a complete truth . There is one more silent killer which is silently doing its work of polluting the environment and that is pollution from e-waste: e-waste problem in Singapore. Yes the electronic waste which constitutes a wide variety of electronics contribute to the pollution of the environment in a number of ways from the steps involved in the manufacturing to the point where the uses render them useless. You might be surprised because lot is not mentioned about the pollution from electronic waste the exponential increase in the usage and unchecked disposal has caught the attention of the environmentalists who now call for regulation in not only manufacturing of these devices but also in their usage in definitely in the manner in which they are disposed.


pollution from e-waste
E-waste pollution: Threat to human health

Many of the users must be thinking that how can their devices be a cause of pollution when they are just lying in their wardrobe or closets. These people are pretty sure that those devices must be doing anything except polluting the environment but to their utter shock these devices still have the potential of polluting the environment even if they are lying useless, lifeless in your drawers. 

How do these devices cause pollution?

Latest understand that how these electronic devices are electronic waste cause pollution:

  • When the electronic devices are sent to the production line then a lot of components are needed to be embedded together so that you get the device that you generally see these components are such that their own production needs certain elements that are extracted from earth. Now just imagine the way in which markets are flooded with a variety of phones, laptops, tablets etc. what level of extraction must have taken place for these components must have been done so that you get what you are saying in the market.
  • Another way in which these devices cause pollution is that every electronic device emits a certain amount of radiation whether they are used or they are like useless in your closet. So if these mobile phones emit even the minimum amount of radiation then the combined effect of all the mobile phones of the world will surely be disastrous.
  • Some practices of disposing of the electronic waste also include dumping these devices into dump yards or waste pens just like any paper or cardboard. This practice is also very dangerous because the chemicals which are used in these devices for example in the batteries lithium and lead are used, so if these chemicals escape into soil or get mixed with water and that water comes in contact with humans or even with animals then the impact will be fatal.

So did you understand why the pollution from e-waste: e-waste problem in Singapore is so dangerous and why it should have our attention?

Can this problem be mitigated?

Every problem has a solution and so even this problem has a solution all you have to do is check your purchased as well as disposing practices in regards with the electronic waste for example do not buy any new mobile phone or any other electronic device just because it looks fancy. Delay your purchase if you come in this way the pressure on the manufacturers for producing new devices will be less and hence the burden on nature will also be reduced. 

Even if you want to buy a new device then choose to go for the refurbished once for this you can always visit the websites as well as the shops of organizations like PC Dreams Group.

If you want to say goodbye to your old device even in that case organizations like PC Dreams Group can be a great help. They will willingly take your old cassettes and use them in the best possible way keeping in view the interest of the environment.

If you try to find out the solution for the problem of pollution from e waste: e waste problem in Singapore then we have to choose the sustainable way of solving this problem.

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