Everything You Need to know about Samsung Galaxy Fold

Are you also a fan of Samsung products and are amazed by the brand’s new launch the Samsung Galaxy fold. In this article, we are going to provide you with all the information you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy fold review Singapore. When you look at this device, the first thought that comes to your mind is that it is one of the most forward-thinking smartphones that have been launched in the year 2019. By unveiling this Smartphone the brand finally kept its promise of launching a foldable phone. This product quickly caught eyeballs by its distinctive features and design. But what is disappointing about it is that it is still not one of the smartphones that can be recommended to somebody. Why is that? Let’s find out.


The Most Curious Factor


Samsung Fold phone
Galaxy Fold F900F- LFO

The most curious factor about the Samsung Galaxy fold is that its use or how it works is still not clear to its audience. Whenever the entire process of how it folds down to a 4.6-inch outer screen and how it folds out to become a 7.3-inch mini tablet display, it always creates a surprising expression on its audience’s faces. Before recovering from this amazing feature, you get knocked by a second wow factor which is, the smartphone is twice the price of today’s best smartphones and on top of that it carries a troubled track record when the question of durability arises. This definitely proves to be a deal-breaker for most of the potential buyers out there. The reputation of a device is what customers look for and if it is not a positive one then there are chances that the product may prove to be a flop among its customers and in the market.


Samsung’s Improvements


Samsung Fold Z Hinges Fixed
Galaxy Fold Hinges- The Verge

Trying to work up on all the previous complaints from its reviewers regarding the product Samsung Galaxy fold, the brand refined the Galaxy fold in about a course of 5 months delay from its launch. In which it reinforced the points where it broke in the hands of its early reviewers. But this refinement does not really kill the constant fear of pixel tearing or damaging the vulnerable plastic screen. Among all the bothering concerns we do have positive news for readers that currently, the bendable screen of the Samsung Galaxy fold review Singapore unit is as intact as the day it was unboxed. The device comprises a crease down the middle which is only visible when the device catches glare or when you purposefully look for it. Some problems have been raised regarding the uneven refresh rate across the larger display of the smartphone in which as you scroll the pages one side lags ever so slightly behind the other, it’s barely noticeable but you definitely cannot unsee if you somehow realized it’s there.


The New Future Of Smartphones


Galaxy Z Fold 2 Review- Tech Radar


In spite of all the issues that have been raised regarding the Samsung Galaxy fold, we will like to say that the Galaxy fold can be considered as one of the best examples of why foldable smartphones are the future of smartphone technology. The screen of the smartphone which is around 7.3 inches in size has been built to provide productivity. Another good advantage of touch screen size is that it becomes really convenient to edit photographs. Although your gaming experience may take a gigantic leap and showing someone a complicated spreadsheet is doable. Apart from all the complications that have arisen over time because of its foldable features, it has proved to be satisfying for one particular reason. This phone is extremely stylish to carry around as it goes on appreciated in photos and also you cannot ignore the 4.6 screen that makes it feel cramped but when you hold this Doll chunky yet narrow phone in your hand you will realize that glass phones are not slippery at all. Users will definitely feel confident about single-handedly holding this device on a busy street.




As far as the power of the smartphone for the camera configuration are concerned they are similar to the ones that were present in Galaxy S10 Plus. The latter mentioned product had some photo and video modes which were offered by Note 10 plus as well. On concluding everything that we know about Samsung foldable phone Singapore we can say that after a 5 months delay Samsung’s latest and most cutting-edge smartphones failed to actually have a capable camera. The device also lacks having an S Pen stylus tucked inside. This definitely justifies why this absolutely stylish device cannot be a recommendation to somebody who has a thing for technical support as well. On a final note, it can be said that it is an average product which if improved has a bright future.


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