Hard Drive Recovery & Computer Repair Services in Singapore

It’s a fact that anyone who uses a computer experiences some or other problem at some point. It might be a hard drive failure or any issue with other hardware. Sometimes even a small glitch could turn out to be stressful and you have to look for expert services. PC Dreams offer professional hard drive recovery and computer repair services in Singapore. Let’s know more in detail.

Hard Drive Failure

When you store information that is irreplaceable on your hard drive, even a malfunction may be a disaster. How can you retrieve pictures of your family, working documents or financial details that you had in mind to back up, but never did? Maybe there is hope, so don’t lose hope on that broken hard drive yet. If you have found that there is a mechanical problem in your drive, you may have some difficulties to tackle. The drive might be repairable and your data recoverable, but repair must be done by a specialized person. A professional is required because to do the internal hard drive repair a cleanroom environment is a basic need. A small piece of dust on the platters can cause serious damage to the drive.

Repairing hard drive on your own could be a huge challenge all by itself. The spindle motors and read/write actuators are quite tough to deal with. In case you try to open the hard drive, it will void its warranty. But if in any way you’ve decided to do so, don’t touch the platters because the oils from the fingertips may ruin the drive. Special software identifies an issue with a corrupt file framework or disk index. There are some tools, like fdisk, which can be used for this purpose and are inbuilt specifically into most operating systems, but you have to be very cautious.

Common Computer Problems


  1. Computer not getting started

What if your computer just isn’t going to start? There are dozens of possible theories for this, but there are strong chances of hardware problems or loose connection being involved. To start with, just ensure that everything is plugged right and the surge protector is turned on. If you see everything in the right place, check if there’s any burning marks or smell. It might be a sign of a short circuit. A common reason for computer failure is a faulty power supply.

  1. Applications Keep Crashing

It’s very annoying when the computer stops working due to some unresponsive applications. It might be an installation problem or incompatibility error or overworked hardware. The very first step is to check how many applications are running at the moment. If you have too many apps open and your computer is not fast enough to handle them it would become unresponsive. If you find any particular app misbehaving, try uninstalling and reinstalling it.

  1. Not able to connect to the internet

Without a connection to the internet it is difficult to function effectively, and every time an employee is unable to get online, you are losing money. Luckily, this issue is easy to diagnose. Ask someone else in the workplace if they have a working Internet connection. If the problem is just with your computer, call your IT team and even your Internet service provider. Ensure all the necessary cables are plugged in. If that’s not the root of the problem, right-click the network icon on the right side of your taskbar and pick Troubleshoot option.

  1. Suspicious pop-ups

Not everyone has good experience with Windows generic error messages. But if they are not the Window error messages, they could be some sort of malware trying to trick you. Most malware threats don’t want to be identified, so you need to be very careful about any suspicious behaviour. Because running a computer-wide scan using an anti-malware program is not a big task. You should make it a habit so that if you see an error message or pop-up that you don’t know.

Hard Drive and Computer Repair in Singapore

We at PC Dreams deliver an inexpensive solution to all these can computer problems. Not only are we one of Singapore’s leading companies offering such assistance, and you can check out our Google rating and testimonials to get an idea of our customer satisfaction and services provided. So whenever you need to recover your lost drive data or computer repair services in Singapore, quickly head to PC Dreams.