With new and better technology advancements hitting the shelves day in and out, hundreds of laptops get sold every day. But even technology enthusiasts can’t keep up with the latest and greatest technology trend. Buying a brand new laptop is very expensive, but customers can choose to buy second-hand laptops. It is a great way to save money while keeping your love for trendy gadgets alive. To get comfortable with this idea, we need to understand that second-hand doesn’t always imply that you are compromising on quality. Therefore, the key is to recognize which laptops can you buy and which ones are to be left behind while dipping into the used pool. Here’s how to buy a second-hand laptop to grab the best deals.


Step1: Right source and research.

It is highly important to look out for potential options carefully. Don’t look at the price and immediately run to buy lemons. Instead, choose to buy from trusted sellers. So, that if something goes wrong with the device, you can contact them easily. By following a proper research mechanism, you can grab the best secondhand laptops. Many certified resellers have a physical as well as an online presence. It’s better to buy from such establishments so that the laptop comes with at least minimal warranty and rigorous quality checks. Plus, you can take into account all the devices available and compare prices too.


Laptop Condition
Used Laptop

Step2: How old is the device?

This factor helps to narrow down your search by looking at the age of used laptops. It acts as a blanket factor to filter out options worth your dime. Therefore, aim for laptops that are three to four years old or newer. A device older than that is likely to be slow, worn out and outdated to make up for a good purchase. Over some time, some specs remain the same, but some others might change significantly in no time. The other thing to consider is the battery life of the laptop you choose to buy. Therefore, be extra careful about battery life and try to save for a new battery if required.


Step3: Features to look out for.

There are various kinds of laptops available in the market. Each device has its processing speed, memory, graphic to name a few. Therefore, list out the basic features you require for your job, gaming, schoolwork, lifestyle, etc. Everyone has different needs but here are a few basic features that are good no matter what you end up buying.

: It manages all the processes that are taking place at any given moment. Therefore, having lots of memory is always helpful but for those who juggle a lot of software. Whereas, around 8GB, RAM is nearly sufficient for basic computing and other activities.

: We popularly know it is the brain of the computer. Therefore, opt for a device with a CPU you can live with. As it handles everything besides graphics. For basic everyday activities, a dual-core processor works well, but for running demanding programs like Photoshop or high-end games, a quad-core processor is better.

Graphics card
: Integrated graphic cards are built-in features and cannot be opted-out. If you want to use your second-hand laptop for gaming purposes, it’s better to choose a model with a dedicated graphics card.


Clean and shiny: Most people want to stay away from devices with dents and scratches, as it’s a clear indicator of age and poor treatment. Therefore, buy from certified resellers, so that you get quality devices and not cheap unattended fix.

In conclusion, there are many ways to get cheap and secondhand laptops. But we hope that this article solves your dilemma regarding the key points to consider before investing in a secondhand laptop. If you have any doubts, feel free to share your thoughts.

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