How To Buy iPad Mini Second Hand Safely

There’s a heavy stigma associated with purchasing a pre-owned gadget. And, in the current scenario, the overlooked but legitimate reasoning behind buying them is blowing away the bad air encompassing these devices. Customers who want to move from Android to Apple and have a small budget find this option fairly economical. Let’s try to scrutinize some precautionary measures that consumers might be looking for when purchasing a second-hand iPad Mini.

The current scenario is called the era of technology since without it one can not imagine living a life. People use laptops, computers, or tablets but buying a pre-owned device can have a lot of benefits attached to it. Learning these precautionary measures will also help you get ready to purchase your next latest and best device that won’t break down anytime soon.


Why Should You Buy an iPad Mini second-hand?

iPad Mini Tablet
Apple iPad Mini


Buying second-hand products are less expensive than a brand-new device. But as we know the fact that Apple products are quite expensive. Some people can’t afford to purchase a brand new iPad, so they choose to purchase a used one. It’s not a reasonable idea to purchase a new iPad with lower requirements at a higher price.

The second-hand iPad Mini will save your hard-earned cash! There is a chance that you may not find every iPad model available to buy but what matters most is whether or how you will be using this laptop. To those who wish to use it for general use or watching videos etc. this option is worth considering. When you want to purchase an iPad Mini, buy a used one instead of brand new.


Here are some points that will help you safely buy iPad Mini, second-hand


Find the Best Price for iPads

The price of your iPad depends on a number of factors. When you want your iPad to last longer, then you should deal with the person who is trustworthy. If you buy from a certified store then you’ll definitely get a device that is tested for good quality and performance. Purchasing one on Craigslist, eBay or Amazon might be your best choice if you just need an iPad Mini that isn’t used very much.


Checking the Warranty

Besides purchasing the iPad itself, you would like to look into getting a warranty for this product. It is very important for a used iPad Mini because it has been previously used and/or repaired and it has a greater risk of breaking. AppleCare Coverage offers one of the best warranty on purchase.

This plan will extend the warranty for your iPad to two years after you buy the iPad. A warranty is not inexpensive and is certainly an investment, but a lot of people find it worth it because they don’t have to lose an unnecessary amount of money if their iPad fails shortly after it’s bought.


Check the condition of the iPad


Diagnostics iPad Mini
iPad Mini Diagnostic Mode

Whether you’re buying a used iPad, freshly purchased by the previous owner, from the Apple Store or on eBay, the very first thing you’ll have to do before you hit your wallet and buy is to ensure it’s in a good enough condition to purchase and use it for a long time.


  • Damage to screen and body

    Hold the iPad and thoroughly check if the iPad screen has any visible scratches, in the proper light. It’s okay if there are some small scratches, but it might affect the user experience if there are too many. Also, make sure to check the corners to see if it’s ever been roughly treated or dropped on the floor. This will be fine as long as it is not dropped too many times and does not affect the overall function of the system.
  • Charger, Headphone Ports and Buttons

    Often the buttons and ports may be disabled when purchasing a used iPad and the seller can still try to convince you to buy it. Plug the appropriate adapter into the iPad before buying, ensuring it suits properly. Insert the charger in any socket. See if it starts charging quickly. Do the same with the headphones that you intend on using with this iPad Mini. Keep the headphones in and try turning the volume up and down once you’ve tested for charging and headphone accuracy. After this, press the power button to ensure it works properly by efficiently turning on and off the iPad Mini.

Activate your iCloud Account

It can be inexpensive and easy to purchase a used iPad but it can also be a little risky. People will steal your information with the purpose of reselling it to you. The new Apple feature, Activation Lock used on iOS 7 restricts the iPad from being cleaned and reused if the previous buyer activates “Find my iPhone“.  They won’t be able to do anything with the iPad until it’s unlocked by the original user with their login credentials.