How to download and install Windows 11 — a step-by-step guide

The Windows 11 setup process is corresponding to that of Windows 10, but there are multitudinous surprises when it comes to account access, seclusion, security, and other features.

Microsoft offers an Arbiters Preview of Windows 11 for anyone who wants to test the succeeding rendition of Windows before its final release out. 5. But installing the new OS is only half the battle. After installation, you need to go through a host of setup shields to customize and configure Windows 11 the way you want it. You’d also run through these setup shields if you reset your PC as a way to reinstall Windows 11 in the event of any glitches.
The overall setup process is parallel to that of Windows 10, but there are numberless surprises. Presently’s how to customize Windows 11 during setup.

Initial Setup

Initial Setup


Initial Setup
First, you’ll need to download and set up Microsoft’s ISO cue for Windows 11. Either you install Windows 11 via your chosen form — a devout PC, a bipartite- exhilaration system, or a virtual machine. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the Ciphers, at which point the setup armors will appear. You’ll be asked to designate your country or region, followed by a keyboard layout or input form. Confirm the correct bones and click Yes.

The coming screen asks if you want to add a spare keyboard layout. However, click Add layout and choose the bone you want, If you plan to add another language in Windows 11 with a different keyboard layout. Otherwise, click Skip.
Windows either checks for any available updates. Review the license agreement and click Accept. You’re either asked to name your Windows 11 PC; Microsoft offers up unnumbered guidelines and needs. The name can’t start with a number or be longer than 15 characters. It ca n’t include any spaces or certain special characters.

Notwithstanding, you can go with an overall name, resemblant as Windows11 or Win 11 Preview If you plan to install Windows 11 on just one PC or one place. However, give it a more unique name with the PC makes or model, resemblant as Win11LenovoT14 or Windows11HP, If you’ll be installing it on multiple computers or places. After ranging the name, click Next.

Select Account Type

Select Account Type

You’re either asked what type of account you want to use. Choose Set up for individual use if you’re installing Windows 11 on your own individual PC and plan to use it with a Microsoft account or an autochthonousaccount. However, choose Set up for work or academe, If you’re installing Windows 11 on a PC for your brotherhood or academe and plan to use it with your business or academe account. Once you make a choice, click Next.
Notwithstanding, you’ll either need to enter the report address for your Microsoft account, If this PC is for private use. An imported account is no longer supported for Windows 11 Home edition (without some serious workarounds), but it’ll still work with Windows 11 Pro and other editions.

Set Up With a Microsoft Account

Notwithstanding, enter the epistle address and watchword associated with it, If you’re inking in with a Microsoft account. However, click Induce One and follow the routeway to induce it, If you don’t have a Microsoft account.

Once the Microsoft account is entered, you’re either pressed to induce a Leg as a nonelective means of inking into Windows beyond just your Microsoft account. Click Induce Leg.
Check the box coming to Include letters and symbols if you want to use added than just arithmetic for your Leg. (The Leg conditions link offers guidelines for creating a Leg.) Type and either retype your Leg and either click OK.

Notwithstanding, Microsoft will fete you and ask if you want to restore Windows from the other PC or set it up as a new device If your account has before installed and set up Windows 11 on a different PC. However, choose Restore from (PC name), If you wish to duplicate the atmosphere from another computer. However, choose to Set up a new device, If you’d rather keep your new Windows 11 atmosphere fresh and unique. After choosing, click Next.
The ensuing screen asks you to choose your secluded settings. Read each set to determine whether you want to keep locus and distinct data-enabled or disable it ( click the Learn another link for details on these options). After choosing which settings to change, click Accept.

You can either customize your experience by choosing how you plan to use Windows — Entertainment, Gaming, School, Creativity, Business, or Family. The choice you make determines what types of announcements and recommendations you may see associated with your Microsoft account. Click a specific genus if you wish; otherwise, click Skip.
Your succeeding step is to determine whether or not you wish to back up your trains to OneDrive. To automatically back up and sync your Desktop, Documents, and Pictures pamphlets to OneDrive, take Back up my trains with OneDrive. Otherwise, pick Don’t back up my trains. Click Next.

Finalize Setup

The process converges from presently, whether you chose a Microsoft account, native account, or account for work or academy. Windows will check for available updates and download them for you. While this process runs, Microsoft will go through some of the new features in Windows 11.

Once the update process is finished, Windows will proceed, drink you to the new interpretation of the operating system, and automatically ink you in. The ensuing time you start or reboot your computer, you’ll be exhorted to type your watchword at the login screen to ink in.

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