Learning to Dispose the E-waste

When asked about how much the people are excited about buying a new device they seemed to be very fascinated and excited about buying the new device. But our concern is that when the same People appear absolutely clueless when asked about what they will do with their old gadget? Still we manage to get some lame answers or shall we say some expected answers like they will lock the device into a cupboard or confine it to a corner of a room and some others have not even thought about what they will do with their old device. This one practice is followed probably everywhere and the reason for this is that people do not understand the dangers that this irresponsible Discarded Electronics Singapore : Tech waste Recycling Remains the Solution.

E-Waste: The devil silently rising it’s head

E-waste is any electronic device that is disposed of or discarded in the most irresponsible manner. It is very important to understand the gravity of the dangers that this practice poses. Let us try to understand this problem with help of an example, the batteries used in these electronic devices are made up of lithium lead and chemicals like these, these chemicals are not at all suitable for human consumption so if the electronics are disposed in a wrong way then there are high chances that these chemicals will enter into the food chain either through water or soil and if they enter into the human body we might not see any effects initially but when they accumulate over time they can cause a fatal effect on the body like permanent paralysis or even cancer. 

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Frightened? This is just one aspect that we have talked about. There are many other dangers that this e-waste poses. We all know that extraction of different minerals from the earth has degraded the quality of the soil and the environment. It not only causes a lot of air pollution, noise pollution but also destroys the scenic beauty of the area and renders the land to be infertile for the rest of the years. Now we shall understand the link between extraction and Discarded Electronics Singapore : Tech waste Recycling Remains the Solution extraction of minerals also involves the extraction of those minerals which go into the making of different components and circuits used in the electronic devices. So if there might be some components which are in the ambit of being recycled but just because you dispose of them in a wrong way they are left of no use. Hence, this would result in more extractions, more wastage of energy, more use of resources which might have been used sustainably. 

Why such ignorance?

What are the main reasons that people do not understand this danger? The reason is that there is no imminent danger. All these things are long term effects but does that make us any less responsible for degrading the environment as well as the human health? The answer is no. If we start today only then the effects that have been felt and experienced till this date will be reversed.

What to Do?

Luckily there are a number of people who have already started working in this direction for example there are a number of outlets like the PC Dreams Group which make it a point that if you want to part your ways with an old electronic device you can bring the device to them and they will take care of the device. What does it mean by taking care of the device? The answer is that they will scrutinize the device in all possible ways from head to toe in every possible aspect. Then they will understand which parts of the device are reusable and if the device as a whole is reusable they will make the necessary changes to rectify the damages and then put the same device for sale under the category of refurbished devices.

The United Nations the world organization has framed a number of sustainable development goals and taking care of the electronic waste is also a part of it. Having known about the outlets like PC Dreams Group will surely find Discarded Electronics Singapore : Tech Waste Recycling Remains the Solution. Surely there can be no development while being insensitive and irresponsible towards the environment.


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