Playing our part in Managing E-Waste

The advent of the technology was purely done to help and assist the human race but over the time the technology has seemed to overpower us, so much so that today a lot of people display their status in the form of gadgets they possess or even by displaying the frequency at which they buy new electronic devices. We are in times when necessity is not the priority of buying a new gadget, it’s all about just having the best phone in the market, irrespective of whether you need it or not. This reckless and irresponsible behavior towards the devices has led to building up of a huge pool which we call e-waste.

While reusing plastic, glass, and metals has become the norm, far less thought is given to recycling electronic items. The term electronic waste refers to any electronic device that is no longer wanted or has become obsolete. Electronics classified as e-waste can either be in perfect working condition or be unusable.
When e-waste is not recycled properly, this leads to the contamination of air, soil and water, which can then eventually affect humans and wildlife. 80% of the world’s e-waste is left in this state, while only a mere 20% of it is recycled annually.

The concept of e-waste is not new but its association with the reckless buying of new gadgets without thinking of what should be done with the old ones has now started to catch the eyeballs. It’s high time that we work towards this issue and join hands in working together to eliminate e-waste. The number of ways in which this can be done and these ways do not require any expertise or technological knowledge. All it requires is your little attention and sensitivity towards your approach with these electronic devices.

What can we do? 

You must have heard the phrase “ideal mind is a devil’s workshop”, this phrase is true with the electronic devices also they are as good as you can think of them if they are in use. But once you do not use them or stop using them and just leave them lying in any part of your house or office spaces they will start to pose a danger that you cannot even imagine. The biggest and the most basic threat posed by these old devices is that all of them release a certain amount of radiation. This radiation in any form whether it is in large or small amounts, if exposed and that too for a continuous duration can severely damage the person who is exposed to it. So the first thing that you have to do is whenever you discard any old device make sure you handover them to either the manufacturers or the brands from which you have bought the device or to some organizations like PC Dreams Group who will willingly take your old device and use it in the most healthiest way.

Next thing which we can do is to priorities our needs. This is important because most of the time it is the looks that fascinates us to buy a new device. But if we give this point of view a second thought then we will realize that the looks may make you happy for a day or two but ultimately it is the performance of the device that matters the most. For example if you have brought a fancy looking laptop but it is not performing on not helping in your work in the way you expected it to then the looks will not matter anymore. Considering this point we want to say that a lot of functionalities in the existing laptops can be enhanced through various upgrades. These upgrades will give a boost to the performance and efficiency of the device and that too in minimum price which will be anyways very less from the price that you have to pay when you buy a new product. In this way you will not only save a lot of money but you will also move a step towards a sustainable lifestyle. This is another way in which we can work together to eliminate e-waste. As far as upgrading of the device is concerned there are yet again organizations like PC Dreams Group will take care of any type of upgradation which you want to be done in your device.

Sometimes there are situations where you are genuinely in need of a new electronic product. In that case also you can still put your old devices to good use and that is by giving away these devices. Many times even completely useless electronics can prove to be very useful. This is because many components that are used in these electronics can be extracted and used in the production of new devices or they can also be used as replacements in some of the refurbished products.

There is no doubt that the problem of e-waste can be resolved only if we work together to eliminate e-waste.

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