Pocket-Friendly MacBook Pro Screen Fix Services in Singapore

MacBook Pro is the ultimate device for creatives. Having problems with the screen might affect your work and frustrate you. Before it becomes too serious and demands a huge amount for repair, you need to find MacBook Pro screen fix solutions.

Common MacBook Screen Problems that need a touch of professional

  • Cracks & Dents on the Screen

The sleek design of MacBook Pro makes it the most desirable Apple product. It is a lightweight device and is easy to carry and also easy to drop. The device tends to have physical damage if got dropped on a hard floor. There might be screen cracks and dents on the body.

  •  Screen Flickering

The screen flickering issue appears on both retina and no-retina screens. In some cases, the flickering is so severe that it makes looking at the screen impossible. Such flickering problems also look like periodic dimming or even a total loss of resolution that tends to repeat quickly This problem arises due to the compatibility issue between the GPU and Operating System.

  • A Blank Screen

If your MacBook Pro screen goes black, when it’s not in sleep mode, it might the corrupt information that is creating trouble on the startup disk. Sometimes, due to broken disk permission issues, the laptop refuses the normal boot up. That not the only culprit. There might be certain apps that affect the booting of your Mac Pro.

  • Display Backlight  Stops Working

If the display backlight is showing vertical bright areas continuously along with the entire bottom screen, it means it needs repair.

  •  Screen Freezing

Some applications may misbehave sometimes. This may lead to an unresponsive MacBook Pro screen. If your screen got freeze, try force quitting the applications and shut it down. Make sure the applications are updated. If you know which application is creating the problem, try to reinstall it.

Try to reset the NVRAM and SMC if the problem still exists. If it doesn’t make things work, you need to call experts.

  • Basic steps you can follow to troubleshoot simple problems;

Clean the screen with wipes that are designed specifically to clean the laptop screens. Try adjusting the screen.
Check the MacBook Pro by connecting to an external monitor. If the display is good, it’s not the screen but the logic board that is creating the problem.
Resetting NVRAM (Non-Volatile Random Access Memory) helps sometimes.
If none of the methods worked, it means the screen needs to be replaced.
Don’t be too confident and attempt to do it yourself. Take your MacBook Pro to an Apple-Authorized service center.

  • Got water spilt over MacBook Pro? No worries!

Liquid spillage may cause serious issues in MacBook Pro. PC Dreams offers quick and effective Mac water damage services. We’ll replace the affected parts with the original parts to make it work again. Having your MacBook under warranty or AppleCare+ can prevent you from paying a hefty amount. During the purchase, ask the seller what all things are included in AppleCare+.

  • Convenient MacBook Pro screen fix services

We have experienced technicians that can identify and fix the fault. We don’t send the device to any third-party repair store. We provide device pick up and drop services. You call us, we pick up the damaged device, repair it and drop it back at your place. It’s just that easy. Also, our services are pocket-friendly as we don’t charge a hefty amount for repair. The prices are very genuine.