Points to Consider Before Buying Refurbished MacBook Pro

MacBooks are expensive and not everyone can easily afford. You can look for a brand new MacBook Pro as long as you have enough funds or can wait for a few months to buy it. There’s virtually no downside to buying a refurbished model. The quality is great and therefore the price savings are often well worth the wait. The refurbished devices are well tested for the faults and repaired before reselling. Any troubling part is either repaired or replaced. Also, they are thoroughly cleaned to remove the dust from the fans, CPU and dirt from the ports.

You might find some great deals on the refurbished MacBook Pro at the official Apple refurb stores or the resellers. Whereas on the one hand it’s a great deal to buy your own Mac Pro but at the same time it could be risky. Here are some points you should consider to be on the safe side.

  • Check the specifications very carefully

As many Macs on the refurbished stores are previous years’ models you ought to check the specifications thoroughly. Well, note that most of the new Macs contain the very latest high-end components, so if it’s an older model from the Apple refurbished store, it should still offer great performance. But if you are dealing with a third-party reseller, ensure you are getting the right thing. Check the specifications of MacBook Pro on the official Apple website and see if the reseller is offering the same. Don’t buy if you have any doubt.

  • Check the refurbished MacBook Pro’s condition

Generally, replacing the chassis is not included by Apple in the refurbishing process. So, you can’t always expect the device to be exactly the same as a new one. It might be used by someone for a few days or weeks or maybe months. But if it is in very poor condition, we suggest to not buy it. Most of the refurbished Macs are returned to the manufacturer as soon as they were bought due to some faults. So, chances are less for you to come across a situation where the reseller is selling a laptop with a broken body.

  • Warranty and return policy

It’s very important to know if the device you are buying falls under the warranty. If not, you might regret it if it turns out to be a problematic deal after purchasing it. Always deal with the reputable sellers as they will offer a certain warranty period on the device. As for the refurbished ones, the warranty period might be shorter than the brand new device. Some sellers even provide the extended warranty but you’ll need to pay an additional amount for that.

It’s not just the warranty, you need to ask the seller about the return policy too. Know the conditions and only purchase if it seems worth purchasing.

  • Cost

However, the refurb store includes the devices at a price less than the brand new model. But you still need to check and compare the cost your seller is offering with the new as well as the refurbished devices from other sellers. Don’t get cheated. And don’t fall prey to the scammers on the name of cheap deals.

  • Is the reconditioned MacBook Pro you are buying, stolen?

There are sellers that often sell the stolen or lost laptops at less price. Before you buy that and get yourself into some trouble, know whether the device is involved in such activities or not. Well, there’s no such database or process that tells if it’s stolen or involved in any wrong activities. But you can ask for the serial number of the refurbished MacBook Pro and check with the local police to be on the safe side.