Precautions To Be Taken Before Locking A Deal On Refurbished Best Value Mobiles

“Should I buy a refurbished phone?” A most common question that comes across people’s minds while searching for the mobile phone. The refurbished phones are not bad. They go through rigorous testing and polishing before resale. Also, they are budget-friendly. You can get the latest handset for a pretty good price. Before you lock a deal on refurbished best value mobiles, know the precautions that you should take.


  1. Who is selling the phone?
Smartphones image

If you come across a refurbished mobile phone advertisement, do some research about the brand. Check the comments and reviews available on the ad. Or you can check their Google or Facebook rating too. Discuss the ad with the people you trust like family or friends. You can contact the seller to know more about the item or about them.


  1. Know your need


Apple iPhone XS
iPhone XS


Understand why you need the phone? Is it for gaming or for capturing the beautiful moments? Depending on the requirement you can look for a model with most specifications. Check if the model you are looking to buy is old or the latest. If it is old, check it’s actual launch date and specifications. You just can’t buy anything if it has a low price. It would be better if you purchase a refurbished phone of the latest model.


  1. Prefer buying offline
Offline Shopping


Hundreds and thousands of online scams are happening around the world every minute. Whether it’s wiping out the money from the bank account or delivering fake gadgets. To be on the safe side, you should visit the store and check the refurbished best value mobiles personally before buying. You’ll find a wide variety that you can check.


  1. Check the product description


iPhoneX Product Desc
iPhone X Description

After selecting the reconditioned mobile phone, cross-check the description with the new model. If there’s a huge difference between the original and the one you are buying, we suggest not buying. It might be a duplicate phone or some kind of fraud. Check the same product with the other refurbished sellers. Don’t buy until you are satisfied with what you are buying.


  1. Warranty card
Extend Warranty
Device Warranty

Generally, the renewed mobile phones come with a shorter warranty period as compared to the brand-new handset. The period may vary from 14 to 180 days. Some dealers also offer a warranty up to 1-year. Prefer buying a phone that has at least 6 months of warranty. Ask the reseller to generate a warranty card so you can easily avail of the services if required.


  1. Ensure proper billing


mobile purchase
Mobile Receipt

Along with the warranty card, you should also ask for the proper bill. Remember, writing the total amount on a blank paper is not what you would call a bill. There must be the name or logo and contact details of the refurbished store along with the date and seller’s signature. It would be very helpful if in any case, you lose your warranty card.

These were some tips from Laptop Factory Outlet that you should follow to protect yourself from falling prey to the con game of refurbished best value mobiles. 

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