Quick Guide – Low Carbon Footprint

Every week the market is flooded with a new variety of gadgets including everything from smartphones, laptops, headphones, smart watches and whatever gadgets come in your mind. Have we ever realized how much of a burden the manufacture of these gadgets puts on mother earth? How much extraction of resources has gone into making so many different components which are used in the production of these devices? You must be wondering why we are talking about such details. It is important because the manufacturing of these gadgets is silently increasing the carbon emission which is degrading our environment at an exponential rate. The amount of carbon which is released into the atmosphere as a result of extraction for resources used in these devices is what carbon footprint means. This subject is worrying scientists because even they are in an awe of the pace at which modern technologies are introduced. There are increased efforts in finding a remedy for this problem so that there is a Low Carbon Footprint.

Low Carbon Footprint
” Source : https://pcdreamsgroup.com/ewaste-recycling/ “


But the question is there anything in our power which can be done to reduce the carbon footprint of the gadgets? The answer is ‘yes’, there are two ways which are actually a part of our lifestyle and if implemented can reduce the carbon footprint considerably:

Substitute Replace with Repair:

We are in a habit of rushing to the shops to buy brand new devices even when our old device can be repaired. This has become a habit followed religiously worldwide but if we change our attitude by prioritizing repairs then there will be less purchase of the new devices which means less demand for the manufacturers which in return will reduce the burden of extracting minerals used for the production. This whole idea if followed with the intention of achieving the goal of low carbon footprint will definitely bear positive results in the near future.

Say Yes to Refurbished:

Sometimes your old device is genuinely neither in the working condition nor can it be repaired. In that situation you are left with no option but to purchase a new device. Even in this scenario you can focus on being carbon negative and you can do this by choosing not to buy a brand new device but to go for the refurbished ones. This refurbished concept does not only apply only to purchasing of the refurbished devices but can also help you if you want to buy a new device and do not want to use the old one anymore, there you can also handover your old device so that it can be refurbished and given for resale.

Once you have made up your mind of either giving away your old casual for getting it refurbished or you are choosing to purchase refurbished device in both the situations it is imperative that you have the information about the places and outlets where you can do the same there are certain outlets like the PC Dreams Group which take care of all these needs these groups focus entirely on being carbon negative and hence they will help you in doing the same either you want to part your ways with the old device or you want to buy a new one organizations like PC Dreams Group are undoubtedly playing their role in achieving the goals of clean environment.

The small efforts of Low Carbon Footprint will definitely uplift the quality of the environment and some minor changes in lifestyle will make earth a beautiful and clean place to live in.


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