Quick guide to Reduce E-waste

Over time there we have had many ideas about reducing and managing the waste products which are emitted from our houses, workplaces , factories and industries. But people still have little or no knowledge about how to manage the electronic waste. This lack of knowledge leads to an unprotected and unhealthy way of disposing of the electronic waste. When electronic devices or any part of the category which forms electronic waste becomes useless for the users it still has a lot of potential to be used in other ways but because the consumers do not have any idea about the same they tend to throw them in such a way which actually makes them useless for any further use. This not only contributes to the increase in land, air and water pollution but also puts a question mark on the sustainable ways of development. In this blog we will discuss top tips on reducing electronic waste problem in Singapore, so that after reading this blog people understand the importance of disposing of these electronic waste in a healthy manner. One should not read this blog as an environmentalist blog which talks about the sustainable ways of future life but it is also a consumer centric blog because the tips which we are going to discuss will also help you save a lot of your money in the long term.

For example, producers have to ensure that their products are properly recycled upon reaching their end of life, by fulfilling e-waste collection targets and channeling the e-waste collected to formal recyclers.
As retailers are the touch points for consumers, the e-waste management system will also rope in retailers to provide convenient collection options for consumers.
Some of the e-waste types that will fall under the EPR framework include information and communications technology (ICT) equipment, solar photovoltaic panels, batteries and lamps, and certain household appliances.

The Don’t s

First we will discuss about the things which you must not do with the electronic items that I have become useless to you:

  • Do not throw them in the dust bins: We must understand the difference between the degradable and biodegradable waste. Electronic waste comes in the broad category of the non biodegradable waste so if you throw them in the waste bins you are doing much harm not only to the environment but also to yourself. 
  • Do not let them rot in your closet or drawers: This is one practice which is widely done with their useless electronic devices. They are kept for endless times in the traverse to rot and ultimately become nothing more than a radiation producing to lie in your own room in your own house. This certainly does not sound good.

Tips to get rid is the Electronic Waste:

Coming back to the main topic of the blog that this top tips on reducing electronic waste problem in Singapore, we will now discuss about the ways and manners in which you can say a happy goodbye to your old electronic devices:

  • Give them away: This does not mean that you just have them over to any random person. There are a lot of organization’s like the PC Dreams Group who are happy to receive your old and damaged electronic devices. Not only this, you can also return these used devices to the manufacturer’s themselves. These both being the experts of the devices will extract the best possibility from these devices and put them in a better use. 
  • Get them refurbished: This is the best way of optimum utilization of the product. All you have to do is just give your devices to the above-mentioned organizations and they will take care of your device. Which means that they will rectify all damages internal as well as external from the device and make it just like a brand new one. After this step you have two ways either you can buy the device yourself, it being your own it won’t be a problem for you to use it or even if you want you can sell that refurbished device and these organization’s like the PC Dreams Group will also help you in selling these devices to a new user.
  • Useful even if damaged beyond repair: This is yet another possibility and way of reducing the electronic waste because if your device has become damaged and cannot be repaired then also a lot of its parts can be used in other devices so it is also like recycling your device.

When we talk about top tips on reducing electronic waste problem in Singapore we have to watch our every step that we take today and besides taking care of the environment in terms of the other factors which we have been studying right from the time when we were very young we also have to imbibe good habits when it comes to the use of the electronic waste so that we all holistically move towards a better future.

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