Recycling the Nation’s Electronic Waste

One of the reports stated that “Singapore generates about 60,000 tones of e-waste a year. That’s equivalent to discarding about 70 mobile phones per person in Singapore! This number is expected to increase with greater spending power and new technologies constantly replacing old ones.” With this statement you must have understood that the problem of electronic waste is huge and is increasing double folds every single day. Today you are going to discuss how Can we put efforts into Recycling the Nation’s Electronic Waste with PC Dreams.

The root of the problem:

Like every other block that you must have read about the electronic waste we are not going to right away flood you by providing you with points regarding how to minimize Electronic waste.  because we understand that without understanding the root cause of the problem any solution would not impact as much as it should which is why it becomes absolutely essential to understand what is the problem? Basically e-waste or electronic waste refers to the waste that is generated by computers, mobile phones. televisions or laptops. Also with the passing time and the mobile phones have become easy on the budget, they have also contributed to a lot extent in increasing the electronic waste around the world. You must have encountered this that all these items that we mentioned can be easily refurbished, repaired or recycled yet people prefer on discarding them instead. Not many people are aware of the fact that electronic ways actually contain valuable and scar materials such as silver and gold. Along with these materials they also contain harmful substances like cadmium and lead which have the potential to harm our environment and health if they are not handled wisely.

Then electronic waste is disposed of and incinerated. The end result is in the loss of resources along with adding to the carbon emission which is a key contributor to global warming and climate change around the world.  You must also know that e-waste or electronic waste also have heavy metals that can prove to be hazardous to the environment and the health of people which when disposed of can easily affect us and the planet. This is the key reason why recycling of electronic waste is recommended so strongly because it reduces the amount of heavy metals in the incineration ash. 

Recycling the Nation’s Electronic Waste with PC Dreams
Landfills mostly referred to as a garbage dump, is a site for waste disposal. Quite common and cheapest method for waste disposal in the world.

The Government’s effort:

The Government of Singapore is building electronic waste Recycling initiatives in the country which will be established by this year. With the help of Extended Producer Responsibility or EPR framework, the responsibilities will be handled by the key stakeholders that are present in the E-waste value chain. Under the EPR framework, the manufacturers of the covered electrical and electronic equipment will handle the responsibility of collecting and treating the electronic waste. The producers but we are talking about are the companies that are responsible for manufacturing or importing covered electrical and electronic equipment for the purpose of supplying them to the local market. 

What can we do:

The first and most important thing we can do is by cutting out any unnecessary purchase of electronics because proper handling of the e-waste starts from the point where it is taken care of how we consume our resources. Before making any purchase always ask yourself do you really need this? If the electronic item is something really really important then, of course, you cannot avoid the purchase but if you can avoid making any unnecessary purchases then it is strongly recommended to do so. In order to save the earth today, it is very important to understand and consider options before making any aggressive decisions or purchases and keep in mind to reduce our consumption along with reducing the carbon footprint.

With all the above discussion you must have understood that it’s not a one-man’s job to take care of what is being exposed in the environment, rather it’s a responsibility that everyone needs to understand and take care of in everyday lifestyle. Our planet is in need of our care and we must understand our responsibility before taking any actions that would harm the environment and eventually the help of everyone on the planet. We at PC Dreams Group hope that the blog – Recycling the Nation’s Electronic Waste with PC Dreams, will enlighten our readers.

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