Reducing Carbon Footprint a Footsteps towards Greener Tomorrow?

Every year or shall we say every month the market is flooded with new smartphones and then comes a tsunami of customers who want to buy them. But what about those phones that are lying in houses. Generally a notion is followed that these old phones or any electronic device for that matter are nothing if they are lying randomly in houses or offices, which is not at all true. We all have heard about the e-waste problem. If we try to calculate how much e-waste is present on our planet, then probably the useless and discarded electronics lying around the house will constitute the maximum portion of the percentage.

In such a situation a valid question arises: Do you know how much e-waste and carbon footprint your new iPhone produces? This question becomes important because ultimately the impact has now been started showing in terms of various natural calamities. 

Green House Gas Emission
About 80 percent of these emissions are said to come from the production of the iPhones, while about 15 percent is due to the amount you use your device (so don’t feel too guilty about always being on your phone).
If you do feel bad about your phone’s footprint, it might reassure you to know Apple takes certain steps to make its iPhones eco-friendly. For example, 55 percent of the iPhone X’s retail packaging is made from recycled materials, and the stainless steel in the iPhone X is also recyclable.

Have you ever imagined that these devices could be put to a lot more use than just leaving them. If we put them to better use, they can be put to better use with a number of feasible options available around us. For example: 

  • If you want you can give your electronics for getting refurbished in which your device will be handled by a group of experts who will make sure that whatever repairs are needed by your device are done in the best possible way. This means that if there is a problem with the display or speakers or battery or lost data, then these experts will fix all the problems. After fixing the issues your device will be ready for resale with a promise that you will get a handsome return.
  • While reading the above point, a question might have come across your mind that if you really want to give your device for getting refurbished then where should it be done? There are a number of options available both offline and online, both with the manufacturers and third parties. For example if you have an iPhone then you can either give the device for refurbishing to Apple and also to third parties like PC Dreams Group.

While discussing the question of Do you know how much e-waste and carbon footprint your new iPhone produces? It is also important to know why should this e-waste problem should be considered in the first place. One aspect that we discussed earlier is that e-waste poses a great threat to our environment but there is yet another reason which is equally dangerous to the environment. We shall make you understand, whenever a device is manufactured then many things constitute it’s making like battery needs lithium or cadmium, the wires which need copper and glass for making some other parts and many parts in a similar manner.

The point is we are dependent on nature for developing a brand new object and this means that more the demand of new electronics will be the ruthless extraction of these basic elements from nature. More the manufacturing more will be the carbon footprint and more will be the ill impact on the nature which will ultimately affect our lives.

Green House Emission on Smartphone
Everyone wants the latest, best, thinnest, smartest phone and this leads to a shorter lifespan of our devices. On one hand, fully-functional phones are replaced and thrown away, while on the other, mobile companies don’t design devices that are durable or easy to repair. Since very little is collected and recycled properly, the amount of e-waste continues to grow. Currently, between 40 and 50 million tones of e-waste is produced yearly worldwide and less than 16% is recycled in the formal sector. The pollution from the hazardous materials and metals impact local environments and the health of the many informal workers on site.

This situation can be avoided if we prefer to buy refurbished products rather than a new one. For this too, you can either buy it from the manufacturer or PC Dreams Group, these are extremely great choices not only for getting your device refurbished but also to buy them. If you have carefully read our blog then you must have understood that refurbished products are by far the most feasible way of moving towards a healthy future. 

We all will agree on one point that technology has changed the way we live our lives. It has definitely helped us to do many difficult things with great ease. Covering distances has become so easy. To be connected with our loved ones is just a click away and the list is really long. But as we know that everything comes with a cost, and in this case, it is the cost of our healthy living.

I want to find an answer to the question: Do you know how much e-waste and carbon footprint your new iPhone produces? It is actually quite easy and it is that we just need to change the perspective we look at things.

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