Reducing Carbon Footprint: Moving Towards Viable Future

We all know about the problem of Global warming, and how it is affecting the world in an undesirable way. Excess use of Fossil fuels and unchecked cutting of the trees and cleaning of the forest along with widespread industrialization has a big role to play. But there is also a silent player which has contributed to this problem of global warming and because it has not been acknowledged by a lot of people, it still poses a big threat to the environment and it is unchecked and reckless disposal of electronic devices. There is an urgent need to reduce the carbon footprint of Singapore so that we can move towards a sustainable future in a holistic way.

When we talk about reducing the impact of global warming then are some voices that demand that there should be reduction in the industrialization or reduced usage of fossil fuels, but the ground reality is that the world sufferers to meet these expectations, but when we talk about reducing the carbon footprint, it is very much doable. The reason being that it does not let the manufacturers worry about closing down their manufacturing units, rather its focus is on reuse of the resources which are already used in the manufacturing of an electronic device. 

Reducing Carbon Footprint
4 ways to reduce your e-waste carbon footprintIt’s time we stop and think about the ways we consume and manage our electronics. Luckily, we can all do something to reduce the environmental impact of the electronics we buy. The good news is, when your items come to the end of their lives, we can recycle it here locally and ensure it doesn’t end up in the dumpster. Once these items are collected via a local council-run e-waste collection point or event, around 90% of the items’ materials can be re-used or manufactured into new products.”

How can we move towards the direction of reduction of Carbon Footprint? The answer is quite simple, if you are a customer, then all you have to do is that you must prioritize repairing your problematic device rather than replacing it with a brand new one. Now, if you are wondering how such a simple step will help in achieving such a big goal, then it is also quite simple to understand. Just imagine all parts of the gadget that have, for example, you have a laptop, the laptop will definitely have a screen, keypad, battery, motherboard etc., all these things use plastics, glass, metals, non-metals and the list is long. All these things are extracted from earth and the extraction in turn needs a lot of machinery, all these contribute to the increasing carbon footprint. 

When you go for repairs you are contributing in reducing the pressure on the manufacturing industries of producing new gadgets. As for repairs there are plenty of good options like the PC Dreams Group, these outlets are pioneers in repairing any type of gadget and solving any issue which is affecting the gadget. With this approach we can see two apparent advantages, one is of course that you are silently Reducing the carbon footprint of Singapore and second that you are saving your hard earned money. Every time when you face some problem in your device, maximum times it is very much repairable, but we tend to right away jump on the decision of buying a brand new device probably because we do not want to worry about looking and searching for a good repair shop. But, just a slight research will open up the option like the PC Dreams Group. These repair shops will not only repair the problem but will also enhance the efficiency of your device. There have been many testimonials where the users have said that their repaired device was working much better than the new one.  

Another way in which you can contribute to the reduction of carbon footprint, is when you really feel like changing your device then rather than buying a new one, you can purchase the refurbished device. These refurbished devices are the already used devices which have been returned to the manufacturers or or the third party vendors. These refurbished devices are repaired beyond recognition, yes, until told you will not be able to recognize that the device is refurbished. You will get it just the way you get a brand new gadget. In this situation too, you will be benefited in two apparent ways one is that you will get a good quality gadget at nearly half the rate and the second one is that you will be again contributing to the reduction of carbon footprint. If this practice is widely followed then we can see the desired results in no time.

In the last, we want to say that, Reducing the carbon footprint of Singapore is no longer an option. In fact, it is the need of the time. 


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