Refurbished iPhone 7- A Great Choice For You

If you are a fan of the iPhones and are planning to buy an iPhone but are tight on budget then a refurbished iPhone 7 is going to be a great purchase for you. We have brought for our readers an honest review of the iPhone 7 that will help you make the right choice. So, let’s start right away!

The iPhone 7 has still managed to be called a great cheap iOS option. Though this variant of the iPhone is no longer sold by the brand – Apple yet it remains one of the cheapest iPhones available in the market and in addition to that, you will be able to get all the features of the iOS 14 in this device. If you are someone who appreciates a phone that serves your purpose of owning an iPhone then we would like to tell you that the iPhone 7 has long been an entry-level option in the market for many.

If we look back when the iPhone 7 arrived in the market it was not much different than the iPhone 6S and many users also felt like the iPhone 7 was just another ‘S’ update of this particular variant rather than looking like a brand new addition.




iPhone 7 Black
iPhone 7 Black- Laptopfactoryoutlet


One of the most notable changes that the iPhone 7 has undergone is that it can now survive plunges into a swimming pool which has been made possible due to the presence of a water-resistant chassis. Another change that people would not fail to notice is that the smartphone’s headphone jack which was earlier present towards the bottom of the phone is no longer there. This major change can be considered a bold move by the brand and came to be a shocker for the headphone industry.

People who are thinking of buying refurbished iPhone 7 need not worry as they can easily continue with their daily routine just the way they did when the jack was present because they only use the EarPods present in the iPhone box and that facility is still provided by the brand just with a Lightning connector. Therefore regarding the design, we can say that Water resistance brings confidence in the robustness of the device, moreover, the device has the same design pattern as the previous two years and headphone jack removal is something that has made the iPhone inconvenient to handle.




Airpods Pro
Airpods Pro- Apple

As per the Public Service Announcement issued for all the confused buyers it said that people need not buy Apple’s AirPods to get audio on the iPhone 7. Although we would like to inform you that the sound quality has not improved significantly. Though the features like the ability to tap one pod to activate Siri, or remove a Pod and have the sound instantly stop are pretty impressive but not something convincing to justify the price tag. Moreover, for people who struggle with the fitness of the EarPods then these devices may not be a good pick for them as they are going to add to your struggle by falling out from your ears continuously.



Apple iPhone 7 Display
iPhone 7 Display- Cnet

When we consider the changes that we find in the screen of this device as compared to the previous versions of the iPhone 7 then one of the most significant differences in the brightness and color. The the4.7-inch display supports a resolution of 1334 x 750. The screen of the iPhone 7 is much more colorful and we don’t say that in an overpowering way but just in terms of richness that has been smartly teamed with the depth of color matching that of the ‘cinema screen’ according to what the brand claims. Similar is the case with brightness as well. It is also not an overpowering improvement, rather it has been improved in just the right way.




One of the features that are still our concern is the auto-brightness feature because the current setup is something that did not impress us at all. If you look at the phone in the darkness then the device does not adjust its brightness to a level where it is comfortable rather it can blind you.

In the end, we would only say that a refurbished iPhone 7 is going to prove a great purchase for you if you are new to Apple products but if you have already used an Apple iPhone then you will be able to draw some significant similarities between this device and its predecessors.