Smartphones: Smart for Environment too?

Smartphones have become a really important part of our lives. It not help us being in touch with our loved ones but can do much more than that like they can set reminders for us, help us locate a location, book tickets, it also helps us get entertained and the list goes on. But there is one more aspect of smartphones that we tend to ignore and that is its impact on the environment. One might ask How Eco Friendly (Or Not) Are Smartphones? We shall explain this with a simple example. Suppose you want to buy a new phone and you bought one, what will you do with the old one? You will probably say nothing, it shall lie in some corner of the house, but do you know that even mobile phones emit a certain amount of radiation which is quite low but are you the only one who is doing this, now combine all those discarded phones and then imagine about the amount of radiation released. Yes, this is just one of the faces and there are many when we get into details.

Did the information bother you? Well, it should bother everyone for that matter. Thanks to some awareness we can see a new concept that is aimed at taking care of the discarded phones and mitigate their effect on the environment and here comes the idea of Refurbished phones which is a nice answer to How Eco Friendly (Or Not) Are Smartphones?. This actually a very good way of parting ways with your old phones. At the refurbishing center, they will check the phone from tip to toe and then do the needed changes and again place the phone for resale under the tag of refurbished phones. This concept is advantageous for those people who cannot buy expensive phones and desire to have them because the refurbished phones are actually pre-owned phones so when they come for resale the price is considerably low.

Eco Friendly Smartphones
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But luckily now there is some awareness about the ill impacts of mobile phones on the environment and because of which some manufacturers have manufactured phones that are environment-friendly. If you are interested then we recommend you to have a look at the list below and access How Eco Friendly (Or Not) Are Smartphones? Now we are going to have a look at some of the smartphones that have been made keeping in view the goodwill of the environment:

Microsoft Lumia 500:

This phone’s presence in our list must have shocked you because this phone is not a very popular phone and has hardly any market presence but since we are not going into the functionalities of the phone this phone has all the reasons to be called an eco-friendly phone. This phone has no use of plastic or nickel in its design, there is the absolute absence of brominated flame retardants plus this phone also has a very less level of radiation emission.Microsoft Lumia 500

Sony Xperia Z:

Sony is one company whose main focus is to make electronics that are environmentally friendly and they are actually aiming to achieve this feat in every electronics product manufactured by them. The aim to achieve this by using recyclable products that make the body of the How Eco Friendly (Or Not) Are Smartphones?. Sustainability is certainly the focus of this industry and it is highly commendable.

Sony Xperia ZiPhone 6 and there on:

Apple is also now in the race that is moving towards developing sustainable products and this is the reason that from iPhone 6 onwards they have started to use the reusable material for the body of the phones and to make it all more efficient the power adaptors have started using the energy in a more efficient way.

iPhone 6Samsung Captivate:

Samsung’s greenest phone is here. Samsung has worked a lot on reducing the GHG emission in their captivate phone along with reducing the radiation to a considerable amount.
Samsung Captivate

Ascend W1:

Huawei has come up with these masterpieces with the intention of doing their bit for the environment. The body of the phone is made of recycled plastics and the radiation levels have also decreased, and the phone has excellent power holding capacity too with an active internet connection. This is definitely one of the nest answers to the question of How Eco Friendly (Or Not) Are Smartphones?

Ascend W1

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