The Ultimate Guide to Repair iPhone in Singapore

With great power comes great responsibility similarly is the case with high-end gadgets like the iPhone. All of us is well aware of the fact that Apple launches a new iPhone every year with different levels and degree of improvement as compared to the previous models. But with time, some users may experience problems with the device related to either software or hardware. Amongst all these issues iPhone not turning on is one of the most common issues faced by many of us. Although there are innumerable ways to repair the iPhone in Singapore, in this article, we will try to troubleshoot the problem with the help of a few actions. And if that doesn’t work, you can seek the help of our experts to repair your valuable device in Singapore.

Common Problems and Easy Solutions:

The reason behind the iPhone’s turn on issues can be multi-faceted. But we can commonly relate the three main reasons behind such issues to software, hardware, or battery of the phone. Let’s discuss these problems in brief, before working out the solutions.

  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Battery

Simple Troubleshoot Options:

You can follow the tips given below if your iPhone doesn’t turn on.

  • Force restart

If you are battling a black screen battle and your iPhone doesn’t turn on in a usual manner, then try to force restart your device. To do this, either press the volume up or down button, then immediately release it. Afterwards, hold down the side button till the time Apple logo appears on the screen. If your iPhone is still having trouble while turning on, the next potential recourse is to check for any battery issues. Check if your phone is charging properly or not.

  • Battery troubles:

If the forced restart doesn’t solve the issue with the phone, it indicates that the battery needs charging. A dead battery can also be the reason behind it all. To determine the lacuna with the battery charging, you can follow a dedicated path to ensure whether your iPhone is properly connected to a power source or not. Check the charging gear from the charging port or cable to the adapter. Instead of hastily deciding to replace the iPhone battery check the connections properly. Moreover, battery charging is the work of software, and not only is the battery responsible for it. Besides, you can also check USB jack, use a high-quality cable, and check if the phone is connected to a power source or not.

  • Create a backup:

If both the above solutions fail in resolving the problem, then the best thing to do is to create a backup of your iPhone’s data. This backup will come handy if a software corruption is causing your phone to crash repeatedly.

  • Hardware problems:

The other reason behind it can be a non-working display or liquid damage. In case of display troubles, you can try to plug-in your iPhone into a computer and then go to iTunes. Here, check if the computer recognizes the device or not. You will get a fair idea about the display functionality. Whereas, in the case of liquid damage, you can assess the situation by checking the LCI report. The LCI display is normally white, but for an iPhone that has come in contact with a liquid, it turns bright red. This indicates that your phone is having some serious troubles.

  • Reset to factory settings:

If nothing works and still your iPhone trouble persists, then this is the last recourse you can try. But remember to create a backup of your data before trying this out.

However, if the iPhone damage is serious and nothing works, you may have to take it to an iPhone repair centre. Since Apple’s warranty doesn’t cover such damages, so you will have to visit an iPhone repair centre near you or you may need to buy a brand new iPhone. In both these cases, you can consult us. We at PC Dreams aims to provide our customers with reliable and quality repairs. Furthermore, keeping in mind the current circuit breaker period, we are providing convenience in the form of easy pickup and return of devices in need of repair.