Thinking of Selling Your Device?

If you are someone who is thinking of selling your laptop then we want to tell you that you have made the right decision and in our blog – sell laptop Singapore we are going to provide you with all the reasons to justify your decisions. By doing so first of all you will be turning your old electronics into cash which is never a deal of loss. In this article, we are going to guide how to do this particular task. 

  1. Want Money? Sell it Yourself – In case you’re trying to sell your old device for instance a laptop or a smartphone then for that matter you need to step into the matter yourself. You can consider it selling online but you must also know that these online portals will charge a heavy chunk of money out of your profit. In case if you are still ok with that then there are a number of websites that provide you the option to sell your old devices online and all work in the same manner as they require a photograph, description and price in order to provide brief information to your potential customers. By providing such information the customers who are willing to buy your product will have prior information. Some of these websites are eBay, Amazon and Facebook Marketplace.
  2. Format the personal stuff – Even before selling your device on any platform whether it is online or offline the first thing that you must do is remove all your personal data from the device because nobody wants their data to be handed over to an unknown person hand. It is very easy to format a device and it also allows you to see whether the device is still working or not. Even if after formatting a device you find out that the device is no longer working then even a broken device can be sold for a decent amount of money. In the case of a broken device, it can be a bit tricky to format it but still, it is one of the most essential steps, when you think of selling your device.
  3. The Product should be in a Decent Condition – In our blog – Sell laptop singapore one of the most important steps that we want to tell you is the presentation of the product is very essential because nobody wants to spend top dollars for a device that looks used or is broken in any manner. Hence when you think of selling your product the presentation of the device really matters because apart from looking good it will also attract potential customers and will also help in earning positive reviews about the product. Even if your device is in a completely working condition but it doesn’t look good then everything seems meaningless to the potential buyers and you will lose your opportunity to sell your device at a good price range.
  4. Provide Photographs of every angle –  When you choose to sell your laptop or smartphone on an online portal then it should be made sure that you provide the photograph of every angle of the product in order to help potential customers make a good judgement of the product. A detailed photograph will communicate much more to the customer than the description that you will be provided in words. Therefore be very careful providing detailed and good quality photographs wherever you are selling your product online as that will help you earn good customers and a good price range for your device.
  5. Write a good description –  Even though a photograph acts as an Opener for your customers to be convinced about your product but when it comes to finding out about the configurations of the product a good description always wins. Describing each and every configuration and feature of the device in a detailed manner will not just help the potential customers to make the right decisions but also act as a positive point regarding you and your device and will increase your chances of getting the deal finalised with the customer.


If you keep in mind the above-mentioned guidelines then you are very likely to make a good amount for your old device because there are people who not just like to buy second-hand products but also buy broken devices as well.