Understanding your iPhone: The Carbon Footprint Aspect

It has been quite some time since the iPhone is in the market and has a fair share of admirers associated with it. When the iPhone was first launched, all the company wanted was to capture even 1% of the market and that would be enough for them, but here we are now, today Apple is one of the major smartphones producers in the world. Apple has always been the trend setter in the world of smartphones, and this legacy has continued till date. But there is one thing that has caught our attention in recent times. Apple, every year releases the carbon footprint report of their production is equivalent to consuming near about 8 gallons of fossil fuels. Now you must be wondering How Much E-waste and Carbon Footprints Your New iPhone Produces? We are here with some answers, but before we jump to the answers we shall discuss the Carbon Footprint and understand what it really means and why it has such a big impact on the environment and the need to check and control it.

iPhone Carbon Footprint
Source – tincancomms.com

Understanding Carbon Footprint

When a Smartphone is developed a lot of components are used in the production of it, from making integrated circuits to combine a lot of units together many things are used. From wires, to batteries many small and big things are used for example. In the batteries, heavy metals like cadmium, mercury are used, wires are made of copper. The point that we are trying to make you understand about How Much E-waste and Carbon Footprints Your New iPhone Produces? If all these components are taken from nature, theory is extracted through mining, then theory is processed and passed through many such stages that make them capable of being used in a smartphone. All these processes require energy and release some amount of Carbon Dioxide, and all this continues till the stage of assembling and distribution too and this whole cycle is called Carbon Emission Lifetimes, so imagine with so many iPhone developed in a single year how much carbon emission would take place? This is a very serious situation, which needs our attention in the shortest possible time.

Since, Apple itself accesses the carbon emission of its product so the reports and figures are based on their reports only. According to Apple, its latest model of iPhone 12 Pro Max is placed at second position in terms of Carbon Emission, whereas iPhone 11 Pro Max is the phone with highest Carbon Emission.

Source : Apple Inc ( 2008 – 2020 )

Even Apple admits that assembling and distribution of the iPhone constitutes for only 5% of the carbon emission which means the bigger share of carbon footprint is because of the Production and manufacturer of different components used in the phone. 

Way Forward

The problem of Carbon footprint needs to be addressed with much vigilance. One thing is clearly understood that we cannot stop the production completely to move in the direction of being Carbon Neutral. What should be done to mitigate the How Much E-waste and Carbon Footprints Your New iPhone Produces? The answer to this question should be finding a way that is sustainable which means that we should find a solution that not only is sensitive towards the effects on environment but also does not hamper the much needed development, the following can be used as feasible solution to the problem of increasing Carbon Footprint of iPhone:

  • 3Rs: The magical 3Rs are a like a solution to every environment related problem. We must choose to recycle the products of the discarded or unused iPhones so that the components of it can be used as it is or in some other way in the new phones. This will not only put less pressure on the production that majorly depends on the natural extractions.
  • Awareness: There is pretty much awareness among the people about deterioration of the environment but they cannot understand the Carbon Footprint problem created by iPhones. So the question of How Much E-waste and Carbon Footprints Your New iPhone Produces? Will definitely puzzle them, so it’s important that people are made aware of this impact too and they should be hence encouraged about the responsible and accountable way of discarding their old phones.

Keeping in mind the above things in the blog – How Much E-waste and Carbon Footprints Your New iPhone Produces? and being mindful about our actions we can still mitigate the damage done to our environment.


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