What went wrong with Cyberpunk 2077?

What do you expect when a game that was announced in 2012 finally hits the floor. For any passionate gamer, he would wait for it very eagerly, with all those high-expectations that you had had after seeing a number of impressive trailers and teasers, and when you finally get to play the game, you experience nothing else but glitches and a game full of bugs, so much so that you are forced to shelve your game and in the worst case, you are so disappointed that you return it to the seller. This is exactly what has happened with Cyberpunk 2077, After waiting for it for almost a decade, and even after seeing a series of delays in the current year, when finally the game was released on December 10, it went on to become a big disappointment.

Cyberpunk 2077
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When CD Projekt Red, the company behind Cyberpunk 2077 announced the game in 2012, they published the game nerve-gripping and thrilling and promised to give a realistic experience to the players of the future world. The storyline of the game is supposed to be something that. It is set in the future world where humans and machines unite to fight against the bad corporates. Importantly, Hollywood star Keanu Reeves also features as the guide of the fighters in the game. The actor also took part in the promotional event of the game. It was claimed that the players who are using the latest gaming consoles will get a next-level experience while playing the game. Owing to all this limelight about eight million people pre-ordered the game. With all, it is quite easy to understand what was the level of craziness for this game.


In July 2018, happened an incident where a Twitter user casually tweeted to the official Cyberpunk 2077 account and asked if there will be memes in the game and the reply was the whole game is going to be a meme, it is quite a sure thing that even they would not have imagined that it would become a truth. The whole game has become a laughing stock, it is evident from a video that is doing rounds on the internet which shows the game visuals that are full of glitches, filled with errors, it shows a sea of character that are running without any function, there is hardly any use of artificial intelligence, to worsen it all, the game is largely not compatible with older versions of PlayStation and Xbox. The condition is so worst, that many players have demanded a refund to which  Sony and Microsoft have for now said that they will refund money to those users who purchased the game online.


But did all this happen in a matter of months? 

There are some insiders who tell us that they saw all this coming. There is news that during the development of the game, the stress was building everything on their own rather than using middleware, or using some technology that has been mastered by others. This is one of the reasons that in the process of making everything the developers ending up doing a disaster. It appears that Cyberpunk 2077 tried to include a lot of things and ended up achieving nothing. They also tried to use some features or scenes of Blade Runner and Matrix type of sci-fi hits. The Developers at CD Projekt Red said that they were in awe of the high- profile promises made to the players regarding the game and its features and what they will get in the final product by the marketing team of the company, as the developers knew that none or very less of them neared the perfection of being part of the game. Another incident that shows us that all is not well with CD Projekt Red is that many members and some of the key members resigned from the company. Moreover, Glassdoor too became a platform where the shortcomings of the company became evident as there was news of unrealistic deadlines for the workers, server discord, the environment of the company is not at all conducive for working. Many long term employees left their jobs as a result of overwork and unmanaged deadlines.


All we can say is that the failure of Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the biggest failures of the gaming industry and a lot of reasons can be attributed to it.

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