Where to Find the Cheap Data Recovery in Singapore?

Mobile phones and hard drives have made our lives very convenient with high storage spaces. Most of us keep our important data in mobile phones or hard drives. But we at times, forget that they have data loss risks. Any physical or logical damage to the device may result in data loss. You should look for professional data recovery services in such a case. Opening the hard drive or mobile phone could worsen the situation. If you are looking for cheap data recovery services in Singapore, we’ll tell you where to find? But before that let’s know why it’s necessary to look for the professional services only.

Data Recovery with the Professionals

There’s a myth about the lost data that you can’t retrieve the files once deleted. But that’s not the truth. After deleting the files on the laptop or computer they will be stored in “recycle bin” in Windows and “trash” in Mac. You can restore them and access them back anytime by choosing the option ‘restore’ on Windows and ‘Put back’ on Mac. In the mobile phone, the deleted files are moved to the trash. However, in some mobile phones, it is not easy to find deleted items.

The malfunctioning storage device or computer system needs to be repaired quickly. In such a case, for example, the data can be moved to another device. But only when it’s accessible to the computer. Whereas it is possible to restore the file that you end up deleting when other files are not overwritten. Yes, you read that right. If you have deleted the files permanently or emptied the recycle bin or trash, there’s still a chance of restoring those deleted files. But for this, you need an expert who can carefully retrieve the lost data.

Where to Look for Cheap Data Recovery in Singapore?

PC Dreams will help you recover your lost data, irrespective of device and operating system models. We have been working in this area for many years and have a success rate of over 95% in data recovery from Androids, iPhones, Windows phones as well as the Windows laptops/computers and Macs. Our prices are very cheap for data recovery in Singapore. The staff is incredibly qualified. PC Dreams keep holding workshops on skill development at regular time intervals to improve the employees’ technical knowledge.

The specialized team is experienced in the development of new methods for retrieving data for all hard disks and mobile phone makes and models. Our experts can access the data from any operating system, using specialized software and techniques. You will be able to access the images, videos, audio, notes, contacts, messages again after a full recovery depending on the damage to the computer or phone.

How do we Recover the Data?

  • Consultation with Experts 

Do not worry! Don’t try to open the hard disk in panic. Whenever you notice any important file lost or data loss, just call PC Dreams and our experts will provide free on-call consultation.

  • Analysis

Drop the cell phone or hard disk for evaluation by our team. We also provide free device pick-and-drop services. If you don’t have time to stop by and wait for data to be restored, just let us know. After examining the significant damage, we’ll provide a quotation.

  • Data Retrieval 

We’ll start the data process of recovery after you accept the defined quotation. Our group of specialists will ensure the retrieval of all the data. We will treat the data very carefully and with great safety.

  • Data Delivery

The restored data will be delivered to you, either on the new or the same system or an external storage device, according to your preference. We will provide further guidance on how to access the data.