Why buy Sleek and Strong MICROSOFT Surface Laptop 2?

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Microsoft surface 2
Image – Microsoft

Speaking of the device MICROSOFT Surface Laptop 2 review, is a sleek, strong, and silent sequel to the previous generation. The device guarantees to provide its customers with a pure powerful Windows 10 laptop experience. As far as the display features are concerned it has an odd 13.5-inch display in which the brand could have pushed a few more modern ports. Also, it has a Full HD Touchscreen with an aspect ratio of 1920 x 1080. However, these normal configurations cannot be considered as the deal-breaker as a significant amount of internal improvements are there to bridge them with the customer’s expectations.


From the above, you must have understood that when considering the looks, the second edition of the Surface Laptop is quite similar to its previous generation and that cannot be considered a bad feature at all. The device has a 13.5 in touchscreen giving it its sleek appeal. It is a minimalist machine which has an Alcantara keyboard. This laptop can be considered portable as it weighs about 1.25 kg which definitely guarantees that it is not going to hurt your back when you carry it around in your rucksack all day. If you want to carry it to the office as well, not a problem at all. Having a portable device is quickly becoming a popular demand these days as laptops are a key requirement at offices and schools today.


Business secured laptop
Image – Microsoft

The Surface Laptop 2 specs i7 does not compromise on providing its user’s performance and efficiency as it has been equipped with Intel Core i7 8650U CPU which provides a clock speed of 1.90 GHz, which is definitely a win over configuration to have. This second edition comes packed with an 8GB RAM which is yet another good feature. It has a hard disk drive of 256 GB. Having a laptop with good performance adds to the productivity of your entire day because the more speed your system provides the faster you will be able to complete your task. It is because a processor only provides the instructions that multiple applications and processes need to perform their task.


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The faster it does that the faster the computer will operate hence, faster computers increase your productivity and efficiency at work. Some customers also think about whether it is important to have RAM or a CPU. To answer that question RAM is essentially the core of any system and in most cases the greater the RAM the better it is hence having a RAM is as important as having a processor. Whereas a CPU or a processor is basically the brain of the computer. The more clock speed it has the faster the processor will perform.

graphic surface
Surface laptop 2 graphics – Laptopmag

Speaking of the graphic card configuration, the MICROSOFT Surface Laptop 2 has an Intel UHD Graphics 620 128 MB VRAM. A Graphics card is very essential for a system as it generates the computer’s graphics and allows them to be shown on the display. It basically uses a graphic card in combination with the device driver to create images on the screen. Thus having a good graphic card is very essential which is definitely present in this Second Edition of the Surface laptop.


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