Why Lithium-Ion Batteries in e-Waste Require More Recycling

It’s impossible to stay away from the after-effects of electronic waste and you must have encountered the harm that is going on regarding the damage that is being caused due to Electronic waste generation around the world. You may have often wondered why is there so much discussion going on regarding this which is why we have come up with this blog – Top Reasons Why Lithium-Ion Batteries in e-Waste Require More Recycling because the thing that is often mishandled during the recycling process of electronic waste is the lithium-ion battery which is required to be handled with a lot of care and needs to be recited in a proper method otherwise it can have a really bad effect on the environment and on someone who is handler kit during the recycling process.

There is no doubt that there are numerous reasons to recycle your used electronics and your lithium-ion batteries as recycling helps in protecting our environment and lower the cost of manufacturing new products which also enables the e-waste recycling Industries to create new jobs and employment for the people around the world. There is no doubt that the rate at which recycling is done around the globe is very very low and needs to be raised as far as possible. There is a major requirement for a global solution and we need to improve our cycling rates concerning Electronic waste as well. There is another reason why it is so much recommended to recycle electronic waste among which one of the reasons is that modern electronics contain circuit boards that smolder together various metals and plastics and some of these materials are very toxic for the environment if exposed to disposal. 

There is a major requirement to keep these topics out of the landfills where they are contaminating the soil and water to a greater extent. Another concern is that safety must be insured because the material that needs extra precaution while handling is the batteries. Their recycling and handling or even dumping them into landfills can be problematic because they contain toxic materials like lead and mercury. Although there have been rare instances it has been encountered that these batteries are known to explode if mishandled. There is a major requirement that we get our electronic waste handled by skilled cycling experts that implement a lot safer methods to handle these waste items rather than simply tossing them into the landfills or leaving them in a desk drawer once you stop using them.

The reason why Lithium-ion batteries are a potential problem

Lithium-Ion Batteries in e-Waste Require More RecyclingYou may be relieved with the fact that there have been rare instances where fires have been reported from mobile device batteries on these batteries experiencing a thermal reaction but the biggest fear is that a discarded battery can ignite other materials that are around it and initiate a fire. Your fears can come true if you have them bunched together in a landfill where just one lithium-ion battery might Ignite a very massive fire. 

Wondering what is the responsible method to dispose of electronic waste like lithium-ion batteries? We would like to tell you that the best and the simplest solution for this is to have your fancy new gadgets and an increased commitment to make older devices last longer than you rely on them these days. Use them to the fullest and not get attracted by new technology and discard the old one for that. It is a fact that electronic manufacturers have to rush to create new more advanced versions of existing models and there are often when all devices have been designed to stop operating after a certain period which gives the consumer a stronger incentive to buy a new device for themselves.

Wondering why some batteries Ignite? To answer that question you must know that lithium-ion batteries contribute to making electronic devices slim and easy to recharge which also initiates the risk that Lithium-ion reacts negatively if the device gets crushed or punctured. This particular event can create a thermal event and since batteries short circuit when the theme separator between their positive and negative parts get breached that can lead to ignition.

We hope that your doubt regarding the topic – Top Reasons Why Lithium-Ion Batteries in e-Waste Require More Recycling was clear.

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