Your Profit, Nature’s Loss

The unprecedented development that we see around us is a perfect example of thriving businesses around the globe. Every business is meant to bring development and to make maximum profit. But somehow in this zeal of making profits we have lost the path which insured the safety of the environment. It’s needless to ponder upon the thought that which business has done more harm to mother nature than business has led to the poor quality of air in which we are forced to breed which business resulted in the degradation of the soil quality. Important thing is that every business has in some way or the other harmed nature whose results we can in the face of change of weather patterns, outbreaks of various diseases, famines, droughts and what not. So today we picked the topic – Electronic Recycling Singapore : How to Recycle Your Business’s E-Waste.

Electronic Recycling Singapore
According to recent UN reports, the world produces as much as 50 million tons of e-waste in a year and only 20% of this is formally recycled. And another report by PACE states that with the continuation of current trend the figures might reach to 120 million tons per year by 2050. Is the end of world near?

Most of the time the blame is put on the industries which primarily use the fossil fuels or the chemical based industries but one type of waste which is produced by each and every type of business whether small or big, whether it uses fossil fuels or not whether or not it produces or uses chemicals, is the electronic waste. The problem of electronic waste is undeniably the result of digitization which has actually paced up in the last decade. 

What is Electronic Waste and why is it a Problem?

Electronic waste is the unprotected or irresponsible disposal of any type of electronic item from as large as a whole PC, small components like wires, switches , LED lights etc. Coming to the question, why is it a problem? When an unused computer is disposed of so that a new one can take its place little is scared about the proper disposal of the old one generally we find these old computers and other electronic devices being thrown just like that into the trash bins which will ultimately make a part of the landfills. This e-waste has a number of components present in net that if exposed to the open air can enter into the the food chain for water supply and then the reach the humans and cause a harm which can be fatal moreover the fumes and radiation that comes out of these electronic waste harms the environment beyond imagination.

Now that you have come to know about what is Electronic waste and why is it harmful for the environment you can very well imagine that the number of businesses that are running around the world and the size of electronics which they are using, if they are disposed of without taking care of the environment how much harm will they cause or shall we say are already causing at this very moment. This thought alone is very disturbing but the fact of the matter is that this is a dangerous truth with which we are living.

Is there a Solution?

Luckily there are a number of organizations that take solving this problem as their foremost responsibility. The outlets like PC Dreams Group are one of the pioneers of managing electronic waste. If you are into a business or you work in an organization and you get to know that there is going to be a change of the electronic devices in your office then you can always contact these people and they will take care of properly disposing the electronic waste that will be produced by your business. Not only this even if you are running a small business your problem of e-waste will be taken care of by them. Organizations like PC Dreams Group will help you in buying the refurbished products because in one way where you are disposing of the electronic waste in a healthy manner on the other hand you can buy refurbished products and save your business from unnecessary financial strain.

The Problem is a big one, and it’s solution is collective responsibility for all. Having known about the organizations that take about the electronic waste you can work as volunteers with them so that you do your bit towards the environment while spreading awareness about the same, so that each and everyone can understand the importance of this blog – Electronic Recycling Singapore : How to Recycle Your Business’s E-Waste.

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