Zero E-Waste: What is it, Why do it?

When you throw the waste from your house, have you ever imagined how it would look to have those piles of trash packs lined up across your street? It is not that hard to imagine that if you do, it would take only 15 days to fill the whole street and if every house in the locality is asked to join this experiment then the whole street will be filled in a day. So can you imagine the picture of the whole world piling up their trash and do you ever wonder where does that trash, the waste that you generated go?

Zero E-Waste: What is it, Why do it? 

It is very important not just for the sake of the environment that we minimize our lifestyle in such a way that there is a reduction in the waste that we generate every day. The best way to do it is recycling, this is no rocket science or anything weird that we are talking about, it is a practice that has to be followed if we want to improve the conditions on our planet. If you are wondering how it should be done and from where should it be started, then we are here to give you some hints. We must start by applying brakes on our hunger to produce and buy new technology, this is one major reason for at least the exponential rise of electronic waste. The pace at which the advancement of technology is viewing these days is very dangerous because it seems that there is no one to check that pace and ask the manufacturer about what should be done with the products that are already in the market. This accountability has to be brought if we want to see a considerable change and that will be the first step towards Zero E-Waste.

Zero e-waste
Save the World: Dispose Old Phones

A positive step towards this has been shown by some electronics manufacturer like the Apple and the Samsung because, in their latest models that have chosen to not include a new charger with a view to encouraging their customers to use the old charger, this is a welcome step for anyone who genuinely wants the good of the environment and understands the implications of it.

Another important thing that will form an important part of this Zero E-Waste is the awareness among the general public for being minimalistic in terms of electronics, they have to be made aware of the impact the environment and ultimately we have to bear when this electronic waste piles up and is left unattended. It is important that they know about what kind of harm this waste causes to our environment. The more the awareness the less will be the raze of buying new electronics every time a new technology hits the market. It is not about discouraging development but it is about moving towards a sustainable future.

Next thing that can be done to minimize the waste is to encourage the practice of recycling, As we know that a number of components are used in making an electronic device, these compliments range from metals, non-metals, heavy metals plastics, fibers and many such things, by encouraging the practice of recycling whenever anyone wants to dispose of their devices they can drop them at a designated place and from there the device will be taken and the process of breaking it down shall start, there can a number of small and big components that re in perfectly fine working conditions and can be used as it is in some other device. The most important part of this practice will be the handling of the heavy metals which if form part of the electronic waste will seep down through the ground or drain into water bodies and then ultimately find their way in our food chain affecting us in a direct or an indirect way.  So we can see that recycling alone can help protect our environment in a number of ways and it can be the best answer to Zero E-Waste.  We hope that the above article could give you an insight into the value and need of going towards a future of minimalistic or zero waste

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